Friday, 26 May 2017

Miracles Of The Quran

If you observe the technology of the world then you will see the amazing changes regarding current scenarios of the innovations. About the fourteen hundred years ago Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent sent the Holy Book of Quran that is the comprehensive guidelines for all Muslim Ummah. it was the real and the last message in form of final revelation that was sent for the prosperity of the Muslim Ummah and it was revealed to the last Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. and this message is open and easy to understand for all the people of the Muslim Ummah and the people who belong to the other religion of the world. The matchless style of the instructions of Quran is the great proof of the existence of Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent.

Quran is not a book that is just confined to instructions for you. But through the verses of Quran, you will witness many miracles that were not possible to identify before fourteen hundred years ago. Many attributes of the Quran are miraculous that now can be proved through the scientific manners as well that guarantees the truth with proves as well. Everyone knows that the Quran was revealed fourteen hundred years ago and teachings of Quran are hundred percent authentic and real as the responsibility is taken by the righteous Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent. By acting upon the teachings of Quran thousands of Muslims offer Umrah Packages with visa and Flight Tickets. While the others are performing the Hajj for with Packages. This is one of the miracles of this book that still the words and the teachings are the same after passing the great scenario of the time that is included fourteen centuries.

In order to understand the unique significance and the miracles of the Quran, we need to understand the stages of science at that time as it would give the comprehensive explanation of many questions that arises in the minds. There was no concept of satellite or any other technology when this Holy Book was revealed. But today, now it has been more the fourteen hundred years and you will see that all the things that have been mentioned In the Quran are not the words. But indeed, they are the comprehensive explanations and the guidelines about the world and the after this world.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Blessed Gathering Of Jummah

For a noble man, there is always a quest in his personality to find the ways to win the blessings of Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent. If you see the life of the companions of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him then you will find the amazing quest of noble deeds in their personalities that is not common in any human being. You can develop the sense of the quest as Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star December Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. when you make sitting in the religious gatherings then you will find the amazing changes in your personality. As when you have keen desire to learn the religious things then obviously, you will find the quest for yourself to learn the religious things. In every matter of you will start to search for the religious matters that helps you a lot to learn the things for you. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star December Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight to make the imminent changes in your personality. Jummah is the blessed day for the Muslims that have the unique significance with respect to rewards and the gravity of the reward of the noble deeds. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star  December Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight, it is the marvelous chance to make the religious amenities through the efficient way. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star December Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight and you can read the Jummah prayer in the blessed Haram. Indeed, those are the lucky people who have the great chances to make the prayers in the Masjid Al Haram. Indeed, this is one of the greatest blessing of Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star December Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight, when you see the great number of people in the condition of the prostration on the Jummah prayer then there is a wish in your heart that if you should be the part of that lucky gathering as Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three stars December Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. you can avail these offers to make a blessed journey of your religious deeds through which you can seek the forgiveness through the Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Memorable Journey Of Umrah

Memorable Journey Of Umrah

Last year I and my family made a plan to travel to Saudi Arabia in order to perform the holy obligation of Islam. It was one of the most memorable journeys of my life due to a bunch of incidents that took place in the sacred cities of Makkah and Madinah. My journey started like any normal person would start it i.e. by making preparations and by doing packing of my stuff for that special occasion. Little did I know, that how greatly that journey was going to influence my life.

When I and my family reached the most sacred city Makkah, we stayed at a luxurious hotel over there. Actually, we availed the services of Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages Low-Cost Deals due to which we didn’t face any issue and everything went on smoothly. Our first day went quite well. I have always had a very strange nature of curiosity which made me do many things back in my hometown. Now again that curiosity of visiting the city Makkah was killing me inside, and despite that my mother had told me not to go anywhere alone, I still went outside to visit the whole city alone. I was walking on the roads, with my own certain thoughts in my mind. After like 15 minutes, I realized that I had lost my path and forgot my way back to home.

That made me panic highly. I didn’t know what to do as I was not aware of the paths of the city. Also, I didn’t know the language Arabic which made me, even more, panic and I was feeling extreme anxiety. A girl was looking at me from a little distant. She was noticing that I was really worried about something as my facial expressions were telling everything. She asked me in English what was wrong. And I told her that I have lost my way back to the hotel. She smiled and said not to worry and helped me reach back my hotel. When I talked to her, I came to know that she belongs to India and she was surprised to know that I was from Pakistan. We became great friends in just one day.

We even performed Umrah together. From that day till today, we have become best friends. That journey gave me an amazing friend for a lifetime. Next month I’m planning to visit India now and hoping to have great fun. I just can’t wait to meet my friend in real after a long time even though we have remained in touch through the internet. Undoubtedly it was the best trip of my life.

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Married Life Of Prophet Muhammad

Married Life Of Prophet Muhammad

Islam being applied also allows for circumstances where women would outnumber men. This is a very much a significant possibility. Women in Islam are elevated to a level that men are certain to be their Guardians. hostile argument against Islam and the Prophet begins in the next manner: he married manifold times, which shows he was a sybarite! The argument then goes on to accomplish that any solemn study of the religion of which this immoral person was the key spokesperson would be valueless. Even a superficial examination of Muhammad's (PBUH) marriages though destroys these extensively held mythologies. Muhammad's(PBUH) marriages in consecutive order and label the rationale and conditions nearby them. 

In Quran Allah clarified If ye terror that ye shall not be talented to deal impartially with the orphans, wed women of your excellent, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye will not be talented to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (an imprisoned) that your right hands own, that will be more appropriate, to stop you from doing unfairness. When Muslims go for hajj and Umrah they only go with mahram. Muslim avail these conditions for hajj and umrah via cheap umrah packages 2017 By Al-hijaz Travel.  

There are some specific aim of prophet Marriages 

There are many reasons of the prophet marriage. The Aims of the Weddings: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) married numerous other wives, usually to reinforce ties between significant families and peoples, or to relieve the adversity of a woman who had been unpredictably separated or widowed, or in order to clearly
prove whom it permissible for a Muslim to marry, but overhead all because all of his marriage had been commanded by Allah, and because all of his wives were excellent women.

  • To teach the supporters, men as well as women, the Cleansed Faith-Islam & its finer shades. His Wives helped to banquet and spread the Message of Islam even after his death. 
  • To set examples of great value for the Muslims, this was particularly so when he had married widows & those who had none left to take care of. 
  • The Nature of his marriages also banned Bloodshed. The Arab society was an itinerant & a tribal one beforehand the arrival of Islam. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Importance Of Seeking Knowledge In Islam

Islam is the religion of knowledge who educate the human being for the right Quran Allah mention and said Read! In the Name of your Noble God Who has shaped (all that exists). He has bent man from a mass (a piece of thick heavy blood). Recite! And your Lord is the Most Substantial. Who has trained (the writing) by the pen. He has skilled man that which he recognized not. Allah has ordered Muslims to achieve sure acts of worship.  

Many of these acts are compulsory and, in turn, one must know how to do them.  For instance, Allah has obliged upon us to pray a least of five times per day, so it becomes compulsory upon us to know how to pray correctly, bearing in mind what is allowable and impermissible for us to do during the Prayer.  Also, as one of the circumstances of the Prayer is to purify oneself, a being must know how to do so.  This also holds true for the rest of the directives of diverse places and in different events Muslims acquire many things it’s also comprise in knowledge .in hajj and umrah Muslims seek the knowledge of unity love and brotherhood. Muslim perform hajj and umrah via cheapest hajj packages.

There are many things which mention in the book of hadith like its written Whoever is requested about information while he is busy in some chat, so he over talking and then responded the questioner.

When the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBHU) sustained behind us in a journey. He combined us while we were performance ablution for the appeal which was over-due. We were just fleeting wet hands over our feet so the Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa addressed us in a loud voice and said twice or thrice: "Save your repairs from the fire.

Friday, 2 December 2016

How to Handle Crowd in Umrah

How to Handle Crowd in Umrah

Hajj is very Holy journey for the Muslims.They go for Holy Journey to perform all the rites of Hajj Once in a Year. Saudi government applies huge sums of money each year on trying to recover the Hajj experience for the pilgrims, and providing lodging for more and more pilgrims. Multiyear schemes are continually in the works to this result. The Saudi government and Saudi persons reproduce themselves as hosts to the guests of Allah that turn up. They reflect it a sacred duty and an honor to take care of the hajji, and feel that if they do not release this duty to Allah's gratification, Allah will expel them from their place and put other, better crowds in their home.

In Makkah and Madinah any event that attractions crowds a zillion strong faces the risk of charges. Hajj pilgrims have not continuously been exempt from such a destiny. The worst incident happened in 1990, once 1,426 travelers were compressed to death. Analike event removed place in 2006, when 363 persons lost their lives. Since formerly, the Saudi government has rummage-sale live crowd analytics software Throng Vision to achieve the multitude.

Transporting two million persons at once has the possible of setting new annals in gridlock. To battle this, establishments employ 15,000 public cars to help move the crowdsamid the holy sites. Like the troops, the buses' actions are also followed by wireless screens to help authorities grip where traffic jams hold up the march, and make adjustments so. When pilgrims go to Makkah and Madinah. The government has also capitalized in numerous long-term public conveyance initiatives to take some weight off the roads. These services will be sent in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah to safeguard the safety of umrah 2017 pilgrims and allow them to do their rites with ease and ease," Major Over-all Osman Al Mahraj, director of over-all security, told the Saudi Newspaper. This is the way to handle Islamic pilgrimage 

Thursday, 1 December 2016

First Man On The Earth

Allah send one thousand twenty-four hundred Prophets. Allah love his mankind. He is they only creator and maker of the universe. The first man on the earth he creates the Prophet Adam.Islam provides us with the amazing details of the creation of Adam. The Book of Genesis labels Adam as being made from “the powderof the earth, Adam is labelled as being massaged from mud.

What God Said To Angels Before He Creates Adam

And God said to his angels in Quran:” ‘Consequently, I am going to create mankind aristocracies after generations on earth.’  They said: ‘Will You place there those who will make harm therein and shed gore, while we glorify You with admirations and thanks and bless You.’  God said: ‘I know that which you do not differentiate. These are the words of Quran. People throw stone to Satan when they go for Umrah and hajj with the Umrah package.

Best Creation Of God

So starts the story of 1st man of the earth, the first man, the first humanoid being.  God created Adam from a trickle of soil comprisingshares from all its diversities on Earth.  Angels were sent to earth to gather the soil that was to develop Adam.  It was red, white, brown, and black; it was soft and soft, hard and determined; it came from the crags and the valleys; from unproductive deserts and lush fertile plains and all the normal varieties in between.  The offspring of Adam were destined to be as diverse as the minority of soil from which their antecedent was created; all have dissimilararrivals, attributes and qualities.

In Quranic Context

Throughout the Quran, the soil rummage-sale to create Adam is stated to by many names, and from this we are able to understand some of the practice of his formation.  Each designation for soil is used at aunlike stage of Adam’s creation.  Soil, occupied from the soil, is stated to as soil; God also refers to it as clay.  When it is varied with water it grows mud, when it is left to stand the water gratifieddecreases and it becomes tacky clay. Allah mention in Quran he orders the angels get some dust then he create Adam.Satan is in prison in the month of you are going for the Hajj and Umrah then we are giving You Hajj and Umrah packages. These packages are very cheap and best.